Standalone MacOS X and Windows applications#

Platforms: MacOS X and Windows

On MacOS X and Windows, the easiest way to install glue along with a few of the common glue plugins is to download pre-built single-file applications.


If you run into any issues it would be really helpful if you could let us know by opening an issue.

The plugins included by default in the standalone applications are:

With this installation method, it is not possible to install additional plugins beyond those included by default, so if you want the ability to do this, you should check one of the other installation methods mentioned in Installing and running glue.

MacOS X#

Donwload the glue 2023.06.4.dmg file, open it and copy the glue application to your Applications folder (or any other location you want to use). You will likely see a dialog asking you whether to continue opening the application as it was downloaded from the internet - if so, you can proceed (this is a standard warning for any application not installed via the Mac App Store).


Donwload the glue 2023.06.4.exe file. Once the file has downloaded, open the glue 2023.06.4.exe application. You will likely then see a dialog such as:


Click on More info and you will then see:


Click on Run anyway and glue should now open.

Nightly builds#

The applications above are built every few months to provide stability and are checked to make sure they all work correctly. We also provide ‘nightly’ builds which use the latest (released) versions of all the relevant glue packages and plugins. These are generated automatically and are not hand-checked, so may be unstable. The download links are: