Releasing a new package version#

A new release of packages in the glue-viz ecosystem is now almost fully automated. For maintainers it should be nice and simple to do, especially if all merged PRs have informative titles and are correctly labelled.

Here is the process to follow to create a new release:

  1. Go through all the PRs since the last release, make sure they have descriptive titles (as these will become the auto-generated changelog entries) and are labelled correctly - preferably identifying them as one of bug, enhancement or documentation.

  2. Go to the GitHub releases interface and draft a new release; new tags should include the trailing patch version .0 (e.g. 1.6.0, not 1.6) on major.minor releases (early releases of most packages did not).

  3. Use the GitHub autochange log generator; this should use the configuration in .github/release.yml to make headings based on labels.

  4. Edit the draft release notes as required, particularly to call out major changes at the top.

  5. Publish the release.