class glue_qt.viewers.custom.custom_viewer.UserDefinedFunction(name)[source]#

Bases: object

Descriptor to specify a UserDefinedFunction.

Defined in CustomViewer like this:

class CustomViewer(object):
    plot_data = UserDefinedFunction('plot_data')

The descriptor gives CustomViewer.plot_data a dual functionality. When accessed at the class level, it behaves as a decorator to register new UDFs:

cv = custom_viewer(...)
@cv.plot_data  # becomes a decorator
def plot_data_implementation(...):

When accessed at the instance level, it becomes a dispatch function that calls plot_data_implementation with the proper arguments

Alternatively, plot_data_implementation can be specified by explicitly overriding plot_data in a subclass. A metaclass takes care of registering the UDF in that case, so you can define plot_data as a normal (non-decorator, non-descriptor) method.