Installing PyQt or PySideΒΆ


If you are installing glue with conda (with any Python version) or with pip (for Python 3.x) then PyQt5 should be automatically installed so you can ignore this page. If however you need to manually install PyQt5 or PySide2, then read on!

If you are using Linux, PyQt and PySide will typically be available in the built-in package manager. For example, if you are using Ubuntu, then you can do:

sudo apt-get install python-qt5

for Python 2, and:

sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5

for Python 3. If you are using MacOS X, then if you are using MacPorts to manage your Python installation, you can do:

sudo port install py27-pyqt5

assuming you are using Python 2.7 (modify the py27 version as needed).