Developer Guide

So you want to help develop Glue? Great, let’s get started! :)

First, be sure to join the glueviz-dev mailing list for any questions or discussions related to development, and let us know if any of the documentation below is unclear. You are also very welcome to introduce yourself on the list and let us know that you are interested in contributing!

If you are going to be developing Glue, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rest of the documentation, and in particular the glue architecture documentation, which describes in detail how some of the Glue internals work (although there are still a number of areas on which you can work without understanding all the internals in detail).

If you want to contribute, but don’t yet have a specific idea of where to make contributions, you can check out our guide to picking issues!

The following pages provide logistical information about the layout of the code, coding and testing guidelines, and some more advanced topics: