class glue.utils.qt.widget_properties.ValueProperty(att, docstring='', value_range=None, log=False)[source]

Bases: glue.utils.qt.widget_properties.WidgetProperty

Wrapper around widgets with value() and setValue()


The location, within a class instance, of the widget to wrap around. If the widget is nested inside another variable, normal ‘.’ syntax can be used (e.g. ‘sub_window.button’)

docstringstr, optional

Optional short summary for the property. Used by sphinx. Should be 1 sentence or less.

value_rangetuple, optional

If set, the slider values are mapped to this range.

logbool, optional

If True, the mapping is assumed to be logarithmic instead of linear.

Methods Summary


Return the state of a widget.

setter(widget, val)

Set the state of a widget to a certain value

Methods Documentation


Return the state of a widget. Depends on type of widget, and must be overridden

setter(widget, val)[source]

Set the state of a widget to a certain value