class glue.core.subset_group.SubsetGroup(color='#E31A1C', alpha=0.5, label=None, subset_state=None)[source]

Bases: glue.core.hub.HubListener

Create a new empty SubsetGroup

Note: By convention, SubsetGroups should be created via DataCollection.new_subset.

Attributes Summary


Methods Summary

broadcast(self, item)

paste(self, other_subset)

paste subset state from other_subset onto self

register(self, data)

Register to a DataCollection

register_to_hub(self, hub)

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Methods Documentation

broadcast(self, item)[source]
paste(self, other_subset)[source]

paste subset state from other_subset onto self

register(self, data)[source]

Register to a DataCollection

This is called automatically by glue.core.data_collection.DataCollection.new_subset_group()

register_to_hub(self, hub)[source]